A tattoo is more than just a picture or ornament slapped onto a random part of our bodies—it’s an element of identity, a social announcement that explains who we are, what we stand for, and many other things about us.

When it comes to picking out a favorite tattoo, Sion says it’s hard to say. The attachment she has to all of these unique stories told through tattoos is strong, and she cherishes these creations as well as the relationships she has formed with the people she worked with throughout the years.

25 Beautiful Tattoo Designs :-

1. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

2. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

3. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

4. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

5. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

6. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

7. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

8. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

9. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

10. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

11. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

12. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

13. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

14. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

15. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

16. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

17. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

18. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

19. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

20. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

21. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

22. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

23. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

24. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea

25. Delicate-Tattoo-Artist-Sion-Kwak-Korea


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