Being one of the most gracious and popular zodiac signs, we’re sure that there are plenty of tattoo design ideas that you’ll like and get inspired from when making your tattoo come to life. Make sure to check out the designs.

If you’re looking for the meanings behind the Libra zodiac that will perfectly represent your upcoming tattoo, regardless of its shape, you should continue scrolling through this article and inform yourself about the detailed meanings behind this tattoo.

1. Libra Tattoo For Females – It’s no secret that the libra zodiac, as well as the tattoo, is more common among females than males.

Libra Tattoo For Females 2

Libra Tattoo For Females 3

2. Small Libra Tattoo – While the stigma is slowly being lifted and these tattoos are more acceptable widely, we can understand the choice of sticking with a small tattoo.

Small Libra Tattoo 2

Small Libra Tattoo 3

3. Libra Constellation Tattoo – The Libra constellation is a little fainter than other constellations and can be more difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Libra Constellation Tattoo 1

Libra Constellation Tattoo 2

4. Libra Tattoo For Males – They’re usually inked with a thicker layer of ink, a little more minimalistic or rogue, as you can see in some designs that we displayed.

Libra Tattoo For Males 1

Libra Tattoo For Males 4

5. Scales Libra Tattoo Idea’s – It gives a more picturesque image to the Libra zodiac but also serves as an asset, a tool that helps those who ink it to express themselves.

Scales Libra Tattoo 1

Scales Libra Tattoo 2

6. Libra Woman Tattoo – Modern horoscope illustrations also show the Libra figure as a woman, like many other zodiac signs.

Libra Woman Tattoo 1

Libra Woman Tattoo 3

7. Floral Libra Tattoo – Flowers are the sign of delicacy, innocent, spring, positive energy, and pretty much everything beautiful.

Floral Libra Tattoo 2

Floral Libra Tattoo 1

8. Minimalist Libra Tattoo – In sense of tattoos, that means using gentler and fainter ink, focusing on simpler patterns and designs.

Minimalist Libra Tattoo 2

Minimalist Libra Tattoo 1

9. Libra Back Tattoo – 

Libra Back Tattoo 1

Libra Back Tattoo 2

10. Libra Wrist Tattoo – People who don’t like their tattoo to stick out will usually look into ways to position it on the wrist.

Libra Wrist Tattoo 1

Libra Wrist Tattoo 2

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