These tattoos are steeped in history and symbolism, much like the ships themselves. If you’re thinking about getting a ship tattoo, sit tight. You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, navigating through an ocean of designs.

A ship will symbolize wealth, safety, as well as trade. You can decorate your tattoo along with some different symbols, and enjoy even deeper meanings of meaning, as well as one that is customizable per your liking.

Top 12 Ship Tattoo Designs –

1. Black Ink Ship Tattoo – Black ink ship tattoos are perfect for your shoulder, these designs radiate an air of tradition, marked by meticulous detail in grayscale. 

Ship tattoo

2. Bright Pirate Ship Tattoo – A tribute to freedom, wealth, and exploration, this custom tattoo here is a labor of love that demands a solid 7-8 hours of your time.

Ship tattoo1

3. Black Ink Viking Ship Tattoo – Fans of adventure and symmetry, feast your eyes on the black ink Viking ship tattoo. Rooted in old-school aesthetics, this tattoo design has a ghostly allure.

Ship tattoos

4. Ghost Ship Tattoo – An embodiment of precision and artistry, these designs demand a tattoo artist skilled in nautical elements.

Ship tattoo2

5. Giant Ship Tattoo On Shoulder – The giant ship tattoo on the shoulder is a staple in the nautical world. It’s an ode to sailors, waves, and marine life. 

Ship tattoo3

6. Ship Tattoos On Arm – Ship tattoos on the arm, especially the larger and colorful ones, bring a whole new level of dynamism to the table.

Ship tattoo4

7. Sailing Ship Body Art – Sailing ship body art stands as a lighthouse, a beacon of hope, a symbol of peace and a brighter future. 

Ship tattoos2

8. Old Ship Tattoo On Leg – The traditional pirate ship tattoo in black and white is a tribute to simplicity, style and elegance. 

Ship tattoos3

9. Small Ship Tattoo On Forearm – Inspired by old-school pirate stories, it’s a versatile design that can be placed on your arm, chest, arms or legs.

Ship tattoo5

10. Ship Tattoo Designs Colorful Ink – There’s the ship tattoo in colorful ink. Bold and dramatic, this forearm and wrist piece is a showstopper. 

Ship tattoo sleeve

11. Black & White Sea Tattoo Sailboat Tattoo – This over-the-shoulder piece takes up a good chunk of real estate, making it a fantastic choice for those of you who like to show off your sculpted physique.

Ship tattoo6

12. Bright Ship Tattoo On Calf – It’s a versatile design that can be placed on your calf, leg, chest, or even your entire arm. No matter where you place it, this one ship design is sure to shine.

Ship tattoo8

More Idea’s for Ship Tattoo – 

13. Pirate Ship Tattoo Waersplash Tattoo – 

Ship tattoo7

14. Ship in a storm tattoo – 

ship tattoo

15. Ship arm tattoo –

ship tattoo

16. Pirate ship tattoo designs – 

ship tattoo

17. Pirate ship tattoo designs – 

ship tattoo

18. Tall ship tattoo – 

ship tattoo

19. Simple ship tattoo – 

ship tattoo

20. Ship in storm tattoo – 

ship tattoo

21. Japanese ship tattoo – 

ship tattoo

Some More Designs – 

22. ship tattoo

23. ship tattoo

24. ship tattoo

25. ship tattoo

26. ship tattoo

27. ship tattoo

28. ship tattoo

29. ship tattoo

30. ship tattoo

31. ship tattoo

32. ship tattoo

33. ship tattoo

34. ship tattoo

35. ship tattoo

36. ship tattoo

37. ship tattoo

38. ship tattoo


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