These tattoos are loving celebrations of aspects that highlight the brightest memories of childhood. It’s totally fine to express your inner child in tattoo form as it lets others know that you cherish play and that you are not taking yourself all that seriously.

Check out these 20 toy tattoos that you will definitely want to share :-

1. Furby Tattoo Idea – The cute, furry little robots could talk and move around awkwardly, but they were not all that fun to snuggle.

2. Lego Santa Tattoo – Lego has been around since the 1930s and it has become one of the most beloved toy brands in the world.

3. Lego Sketch Tattoo – Here is another Lego toy tattoo that’s done in the sketch style that looks like it has been drawn by an animator. 

4. Old School Teddy – Here’s a uniquely tattooed teddy bear that has some of the sharpest and cleanest fine lines you will ever see. 

5. Troll Tattoo – It’s safe to say that these toys have captured children’s imagination as it is an entire franchise now that’s bigger than ever.

6. Robot Figure Tattoo Idea – This robot toy tattoo looks super sharp and reminds us of those vintage wind up toys that used to be so popular. 

7. Polly Pocket Tattoo – The concept is that a makeup compact could be the home for some very tiny toys and Polly Pocket was born.

8. Tamagotchi Tattoo Idea – The whole point was to love and nourish your little electronic pet which was a great concept.

9. Whole Story Tattoo Idea – All of your favorites are included in these tidy little micro tattoos. 

10. Chatter Telephone Tattoo – These toys are still being manufactured today! If you recall, they had a string you pulled and as the phone rolled it made a weird clicking sound.

11. Everyone Loves a Slinky – We love this rainbow slinky tattoo and we have no idea how the artist managed to keep those lines so neat. 

12. Gumby Tattoo – We know him well from the classic claymation films and most of us enjoyed watching Gumby’s adventures as a child. 

13. Barbie Cake Tattoo Idea – These little cakes which were domed shaped cakes with a Barbie doll shoved inside were all the rage.

14. Stuffed Elephant – We love the way the artist has captured how those plush toys catch light in their fabric.

15. Beanie Baby – It was wild! But, this toy tattoo of Inch the inchworm is a cute throwback to those soft little animal babies.

16. Betty Spaghetty Tattoo – Betty Spaghetti was a strange phenomenon as a toy with hyper-thin legs and arms that were super flexible and meant to look like pasta.

17. Wind Up Chomping Teeth Tattoo – Originally named “Yakity Yak Talking Teeth,” Chattering Teeth became the more marketable name when they were released in 1949. 

18. Rubik’s Cube Tattoo – We love the way this toy tattoo captures the 3-D quality of the block and the rich colours truly shine. 

19. Potato Head Tattoo – Mrs. Potato Head might have even been your favorite childhood toy. This person, clearly, enjoyed Mrs. P.

20. Rocking Horse Tattoo – This vintage, and often, handmade toys were functional folk art. We love this nostalgic toy tattoo that made us remember a thing we had not seen for decades.

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