Eating is not the only way to celebrate our love for food. We talk about food, we learn how to cook them. And yes, we make it permanent on our skin. If you are a foodie, these delicious food tattoos that will make you drool.

1. Coca Cola tattoo – These cute coke bottle tattoos are perfect for those who are looking for small, dainty ink.

Coca cola tattoo by

2. Your empanadas are served – Who doesn’t love empanadas loaded with tender meat with crispy wraps?

Empanadas tattoo by @catherine_alice

3. Shin spicy ramen tattoo – Smooth and chewy noodles with a spicy kick, Shin ramen is addictive. This food tattoo captures the essence of it.

Instant ramen tattoo by Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

 4. Super cute matching tattoos – If you love your Significant Other as much as Homer loves donuts, this couple tattoo will honor your relationship.

Matching donut tattoo by

5. White rabbit candy tattoo – White rabbit candy is an iconic treat in China. Most kids in the 80s and 90s grow up eating this creamy goodness.

White rabbit candy tattoo by @newtattoo_17 

6. Takoyaki tattoo – You may not know Takoyaki, but you have definitely heard of Japanese octopus balls.

Takoyaki tattoo by @newtattoo_17

7. Mars chocolate bar tattoo 

Chocolate bar inner arm tattoo by @eggsy_tattoo

8. Spoon and fork tattoo for foodies 

Fork and spoon tattoo for foodies by @oindrilabala

9. A mouth-watering donut cupcake tattoo

Donut cupcake tattoo by @harry_color- Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

10. When in doubt, coffee 

Donut and coffee tattoo by @emiliyaotattoo

11. A cookie tattoo 

Cookie tattoo by @lacrypteink

12. A small coconut wrist tattoo 

Coconut tattoo by @tattoo.pencil

13. A skating vegan hotdog 

Hotdog tattoo by @frances.pokes

14. A small ice cream tattoo 

Icecream wrist tattoo by @koritattoos

15. Strawberry jello pudding that is as sweet as you are 

Jelly pudding tattoo by @harry_color

16. Matching avocado tattoos for best friends

Matching avocado tattoo for friends by @mrs.fox_tattoo

17. Oasis soda pop tattoo 

Oasis tattoo by

18. A slice of macaroni and cheese pizza for foodies 

Pizza tattoo by @hansantattoo- Mouth-watering Food Tattoos That Will Make You Hungry

19. A peachy shoulder tattoo 

Peach shoulder tattoo by @xiso_ink

20. Strawberry cheesecake tattoo 

Strawberry cake tattoo by @carmensdarkgallery

21. A sleek ramen tattoo on the inner arm 

Ramen tattoo on the arm by @newtattoo_17

22. Diet coke tattoo for the sugar 

Diet coke tattoo by @tattoo.pencil

23. Spaghetti Tattoo 

Spaghetti and fork tattoo by @john_boy_tattoo

24. A dainty sunny-side-up egg tattoo 

Fried egg tattoo by @siyeon_tattoo

25. A bowl of satisfaction – pork ramen tattoo 

Ramen tattoo by

26. A glass of wine tattoo 

Wine tattoo by @shibatattoo

27. A tiny realism dragon fruit 

Tiny dragon fruit tattoo by

28. Creative banana tattoo 

Snacks banana tattoo by @newtattoo_studio

29. A cute salmon sushi tattoo 

Tuna sushi tattoo by @mafupoke

30. White rabbit candy tattoo that brings you back to childhood 

White rabbit candy tattoo by @newtattoo_17

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