Galaxy tattoos are not only for space geeks, space enthusiasts, or astronomy lovers. They are also perfect for people who love space-related movies, space ships, astronauts, and outer space in general.

If you want the universe to be depicted in its cosmic form then back is the perfect place for it. The universe could be inked in the fashion of the Milky Way galaxy, where it appears to be bursting out from an unknown point in space.

There are so many ideas and designs that the sky is the limit. Here we have picked more than 30 beautiful galaxy tattoo designs that will suit both men and women. Take a look –

1. Galaxy Tattoo design on forearm – 

2. Tattoos of Galaxy in Black and Grey – 

3. Galaxy Tattoos Simple Design – 

4. Tattoos of Galaxies in Black and White – 

5. Simple Galaxy Tattoo Stencil – 

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