For Black and Brown people, deciding to get a tattoo often requires some in-depth research prior to going under the needle. When I got my first tattoo last year, I sifted through Google and looked through Instagram to find a well-reviewed tattoo artist who knew how to properly ink my melanated skin and showcased their work on diverse skin tones.

1. Floral Butterfly Tattoo : Loaded with colors ranging from orange to green, this vibrant tattoo is a beautiful example of color on brown skin.

Tattoos on Dark Skin Floral Butterfly

2.Black Queens Tattoo : Done by Atlanta-based tattoo artist Danger Dave, this black ink leg tattoo pays tribute to Black female athletes Laila Ali and Serena Williams.

Tattoos on Dark Skin Black Queens

3.Watercolor Graphic Tattoo : This blue and purple watercolor tattoo features beautiful paintbrush-like strokes, and it was done by none other than Amanda Wachob, who is credited as the pioneer of the watercolor tattoo trend.

Back view of watercolor graphic shoulder tattoo on dark skin

4.Sunset Window Tattoo : Gazing out your window to look at the sunset is always a beautiful moment.

Back of arm with window tattoo with orange sun symbol

5.Berry Tattoo : The purple berries and green leaves used on this tattoo pop on the client’s melanin-rich skin.

Tattoos on Dark Skin Berry

6.Angela Davis Tattoo : Thie piece pays tribute to Black power icon, activist, and professor Angela Davis.

Tattoos on Dark Skin Angela Davis

7.Black Woman Tattoo : This black ink portrait—done by JayBabyTattoo—depicts a beautiful Black woman. 

Tattoo of Black Mother Nature with flowers and butterflies in hair on torso

8.Spiritual and Astrological Tattoo : Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Devorah created this piece based on the astrological and spiritual signs her client loves.

Tattoos on Dark Skin Spiritual Astrological

9.Tree of Life Tattoo : The Tree of Life has many meanings including interconnectedness to the universe, ancestry, growth, individuality, and peace. 

Tattoos on Dark Skin Tree of Life

10. Egyptian Lotus Flowers : This black ink Egyptian lotus flower arm sleeve was done by Toronto-based tattoo artist Brittany Randell. 

Tattoos on Dark Skin Egyptian Lotus Flowers

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