Tattoos allow us to express ourselves in a way that we can’t achieve through fashion alone. When done right, they can complement our look and style flawlessly.

The truth is though, while tattoos are awesome , they aren’t to be taken lightly. It’s not like experimenting with different hairstyles, where you can wait for it to grow back.

Anyhow that’s where I come in. In this article, I’ve got a ton of lesbian tattoo ideas to inspire your next trip to the studio.

1. Lesbian Starter Pack – These sticker style designs are brilliant if you have a sense of humour.

2. The Gay Agenda – It’s a big middle finger up at those who created The Gay Agenda. If so, I love it even more.

3. Vintage Style – This vintage style of tattoo is just as popular as it was decades ago, and while this lesbian tattoo design might not be traditional.

4. U-Hauling – A U-Haul van. Yep, just another one of those hilarious lesbian stereotypes, which, let’s face it, we can’t deny.

5. Queer Sticker Tattoos – I’m not usually a fan of sticker style tattoos, but these designs might just have the potential to change my mind.

6. Lesbian Fairytale – They’ve nailed the characteristic of Cinderella and Snow White.

7. Super Human –It’s such a quirky and unusual creation. I’m saving it myself for future inspiration.

8. Gender Symbols – The matching gender symbols are an iconic and timeless lesbian tattoo idea.

9. The Queen of my Heart – Here we have another clever adaptation of a traditional tattoo design, and I am here for it.

10. Scissor Happy – In this design  I guess my puns just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’ll show myself out.

11. Blessed be the Fruit – It’s subtle enough to avoid your Grandma asking why you have a tattoo of a vagina during family dinner.

12. The Rainbow – The rainbow symbol is iconic for the LGBTQ+ community, representing diversity and pride.

13. Pride Stickers – I especially love the queer hand holding the rainbow flag. And the ‘love heart’ designs are also really cute.

14. DNA – I love this tattoo design and all that it represents. It serves as a reminder that being queer is a part of who we are.

15. Rainbow Lines – The result for this tattoo is undeniably awesome.

16. Sun & Moon – There aren’t many love stories as romantic as the one between the sun and the moon.

17. Rainbow Prism – I love the geometric shapes and patterns with that Pink Floyd style rainbow swoosh.

18. Blurred Lines – Next up we have another symbolic tattoo design that represents the diversity of the LGBTQ+ spectrum and the fluidity of sexuality.

19. Rock Star – Full of attitude and charisma, and made even better, of course, with the rainbow design.

20. This is Me – Every queer soul on the planet can relate to the ‘This is Me’ lyrics, which is sure to be a gay anthem for years to come.

21. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Here we have a beautiful spin on the traditional rainbow tattoo. It’s just one of many ways to make the conventional rainbow design unique.

22. Rainbow Tears – This Tattoo design is quite an emotional one and sadly represents the reality of millions of LGBTQ+ folx all around the world.


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