Watercolour tattoos have been taking the industry by storm. These tattoos are unique and a great way to turn an old, faded tattoo into something new a special. Tattoo artist that specializes in this tattoo are hard to come by and usually cost a pretty penny for their artwork, but once you see the finished design you will understand all the rage behind these tattoos.

1. Paw Print : Bring your furry friend everywhere with you.

2. Skeleton : Embrace your darker side with fun coloring.

3. Chemicals : Embrace whatever is close to you and add a touch of colour.

4. Pokemon : Even Pokemon lovers can get some pretty awesome tattoos.

5. Mulan : Let your Disney love grow with a stunning Princess tattoo.

6. Planets : This planet tattoo is nothing short of amazing.

7. Transformation : Turn our watercolor tattoo into a transformation piece.

8. Cartoon : Getting your favorite cartoon character in watercolor is a great design.

9. Lightbulb : Having your own unique ideas are perfect for watercolor tattoos.

10. Witch : This tattoo is just plain cool looking.

11. Watercolour Art : Turn an amazing piece of art into a gorgeous watercolor tattoo.

12. Abstract Animals : Add a little more flair to your abstract piece.

13. Jellyfish : A jellyfish tattoo is great for adding a touch of watercolour to.

14. Hearts : Your watercolour tattoo can be easy and simple too.

15. Dragon : This large dragon piece is amazing and beautiful.

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