The word “artist” may remind you of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet. Their works reflect both their talent and their personality.

An artsy tattoo can be as simple as a paintbrush or shades of paint. Or it can be a sophisticated painting on the skin. Stay simple or go big; the possibilities are endless.

These fantastic artistic tattoos will give you some ideas :-

1. A shade of starry night – This small shade tattoo gives you a glimpse of the famous Van Gogh masterpiece.

2. Pantone color card arm tattoo – This creative tattoo features Monet’s Waterlilies in a Pantone color card.

3. Sea in the starry night – It shows how a tattoo can pay tribute to the classic and be creative at the same time.

4. Girl with a Pearl Earring – A realism portrait turns out to be a symbol of modern art and an evergreen inspiration for tattoos.

5. Glass of gold – The tattooist puts the painting in a glass. The pearl earring looks even shinier in the reflection of water.

6. The girl wearing mask – The girl is not only wearing a pearl earring but also a mask.

7. The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso – The Old Guitarist is one of the signature works of Pablo Picasso during his blue period.

8. Poppy Field – The painting is a triplet, meaning that there are three different paintings: the left, the center, and the right panel.

9. Blocks in colours – If you resonate with Mark Rothko’s philosophy in art, these colorful block tattoos may be for you.

10. The melting Lisa – This Mona Lisa tattoo is a great example. What a fun and visually impactful twist.

11. Alien Lisa – Have a dark aesthetic that you are not afraid to announce to the world.

12.René Magritte tattoo – This tattoo pays tribute to the artist by combining The Schoolmaster and The Happy Donor in a collage.

13. The Lovers by René Magritte – This tattoo replicates The Lovers, one of Magritte’s most identifiable works.

14. The Happy Donor – This is another artistic tattoo based on René Magritte’s The Happy Donor. In the original painting, the man is standing in front of a wall.

15. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose – I can only imagine the work going into this tattoo. And it turns out to be a perfect replica.

16. Ophelia by Hohn Everett Millais – Millais was a perfectionist. And the painting Ophelia showed his impeccable attention to detail, especially in the flowers.

17. The painter’s toolset – This minimalist stencil tattoo serves as a reminder to keep forging in the pursuit of art.

18. Poppy Field by Monet – Poppy Field is one of the signature work of Claude Monet. It captures the sunlight and the vibrant colors of nature.

19. The Persistence of Memory – A tattoo, the melting clock drapes around the table’s edge and creates a unique three-dimensional effect.

20. The flow of colours – Shapes, lines, and color combinations are three things that make a tattoo unique and stunning.

21. Put it down – Every now and then, you will come across stunning tattoo art.

22. The Starry night – This tattoo recreates the famous Van Gogh painting – The Starry Night. Compared to the original artwork.

23. A gradient shade of paint – This small colored tattoo features glossy gradient colours.

24. The unrequited love – If you love art but don’t want the whole painting inked on the skin, these matching artistic tattoos may be what you are looking for.

25. A landscape tattoo inspired by Thelma & Louise – It recreates the landscape in the movie, and brings us back to that wild road trip.


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