The style relies on heavy black outlines and a limited color palette of red, green, yellow, and blue. These pieces have a very distinct appearance and are inspired by several themes, including nautical and animal designs. If you want to celebrate the female form, you can opt for a pinup or diving girl inking; or show your experience at sea with swallow artwork.

1. Anchor Tattoo – In the traditional American style of tattoos, it is a popular image that sailors have favored for decades. It could be inked after returning from a voyage or to bring them good luck when embarking on their travels. 

Anchor Tattoo

2. Octopus Tattoo – The octopus is an interesting creature but one that is also feared and the subject of many tales at sea.

Octopus Tattoo

3. Ship Tattoo – Spending months and even years at sea on a ship made the vessel incredibly important to a sailor. Not only was it home, but it also symbolized direction and a way of life.

Ship Tattoo

4. Compass Tattoo – A compass symbolizes safety and protection and guides travelers, keeping them on course and not getting lost.

Compass Tattoo

5. Eagle Tattoo – The eagle is a bird that is often associated with power, spirituality, and freedom. It has also become a symbol of American patriotism.

Eagle Tattoo

6. Cat Tattoo – A cat is a popular image to get tattooed in the American traditional style, and more often than not, it is depicted as a black cat.

Cat Tattoo

7. Snake Tattoo – Snakes are a popular tattoo choice because of the symbolism attached to them. For some, they represent evil and lead us down a path of destruction.

Snake Tattoo

8. Deer Tattoo – If you want a tattoo that represents kindness and gentleness, then a deer is a good choice. Unlike many other animals representing danger or power, the deer signals serenity, fertility, and motherhood.

Deer Tattoo

9. Wolf Tattoo – Few animals represent family, close bonds, and unity in the way that the wolf does. It is a popular choice to get inked to represent the important role your loved ones play in your life.

Wolf Tattoo

10. Tiger Tattoo – If you want a piece that symbolizes power and strength, then the tiger tattoo is a great choice.

Tiger Tattoo

11. Bear Tattoo – The bear is an animal that is important to many cultures, including the Native Americans, who viewed it as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and healing.

Bear Tattoo

12. Hourglass Tattoo – As you watch the grains of sand in the hourglass run out, you are reminded not only of the importance of time but just how little we have of it. 

Hourglass Tattoo

13. Hot Air Balloon Tattoo – The design is simple and bright and is associated with travel, freedom, independence, and happiness.

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

14. Sun and Palm Tree Tattoo – Few designs can make you think of happy, relaxing times in the way that a sun and palm tree tattoo can.

American Traditional Sun And Palm Tree Tattoo (1)

15. Skull Tattoo – The skull can have quite an intimidating appearance and therefore makes for an interesting tattoo. 

Skull Tattoo

16. Arrow Tattoo – If you want a tattoo with purpose, a reminder of the direction you want your life to go in, and a symbol of power, then an arrow tattoo is exactly what you need. 

Arrow Tattoo

17. Flower Tattoo – The plants are simple but completed in bright colors and heavy lines, which make them interesting to look at, and they have a wonderful effect when there are multiple blooms.

American Traditional Flower Tattoo

18. Cactus Tattoo – The cactus is a relatively simple design, but it makes for an interesting and fantastic tattoo when done well.

Cactus Tattoo

19. Circus Tattoo – Before the Old School technique of tattooing gained popularity, it was something that was inked on those who were not part of mainstream society, such as individuals who were part of circuses.

Traditional Circus Tattoo

20. Religious Tattoo –  If you want to celebrate your faith and beliefs, you can do so with a religious tattoo. In the traditional American technique, it is popular to get a tattoo of Jesus Christ.

Religious Tattoo

21. Gypsy Girl Tattoo – The gypsy girl tattoo features a beautiful woman with flowers in her hair, large jewelry, and a headscarf. 

Gypsy Girl Tattoo

22. Diving Girl Tattoo – The traditional American approach with its bright colors and thick, black outlines makes the diving girl tattoo eye-catching and a real conversation starter.

Diving Girl Tattoo

23. Lettering Tattoo – The traditional American technique has a very clear look, with each letter in black ink. They are easy to read, featuring straight up and down block letters. 

American Lettering Tattoo

24. Pin-Up Tattoo – It is a celebration of the female form, a show of femininity and beauty, while to others, the image is one of temptation and lust. 

Pin Up American Tattoo

25. Portrait Tattoo – The traditional American approach to portraits is an interesting one, relying heavily on dark shades, heavy lines, and limited colour.

Traditional Portrait Tattoo

26. Butterfly Tattoo – Butterflies are a wonderful option to get tattooed for both men and women and are often associated with metamorphosis and freedom.

Butterfly Tattoo

27. Lion Tattoo – The lion is a mighty and fearsome beast, a creature of beauty that is feard and deserves respect.

Lion Tattoo

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