Chest tattoos have been overlooked due to their low visibility. And the bold and outrageous designs had long been the mainstream. As a result, they were considered exclusive to men.

If you want to showcase your confidence and identity, this post is for you. With options ranging from small to large, simple to elaborate, these chest tattoos for women can empower you to take ownership of your body.

Here 20 Beautiful chest tattoos Idea’s for women :-

1. One-word chest tattoo – They can carry personal meaning or reflect the wearer’s life mottos.

2. Small symbols on the cleavage – If you want to decorate this area with a delicate design, these tiny symbols are an excellent option.

3. Small middle chest flower tattoo – Each flower carries its own symbolism, so it’s easy to find one that relates to you both mentally and aesthetically.

4. Angel number tattoo – Angel numbers are believed to be messages from angels, and people often experience seeing them in dreams or during important moments in life.

5. Small devil between the boobs – This tattoo is perfect for those who want to break away from the norms and express their uniqueness.

6. Tiny star chest tattoo – One of the reasons why chest tattoos are popular among women is their low visibility

7. Middle chest lotus tattoo – Lotus tattoos are considered sacred because of their deep meanings in Buddhism and Hinduism.

8. Anatomical heart middle chest tattoo – This Tattoo representing the wearer’s awareness of the preciousness of life.

9. Tiny snake chest tattoo – The natural badassness makes them one of the most beloved motifs among women.

10. Small between-the-boobs flower – A simple flower like this one has its own charm that works for minimalists.

11. Tiny middle chest symbols – These hand-poked symbols prove that a tattoo can stand out with its simplicity

12. Small flowers and petals – This one goes along the collarbone all the way to the shoulder.

13. Small heart on the chest – Placing a heart tattoo on the heart chakra adds more profound meaning to the design.

14. Tiny smiley face chest tattoo – This small smiley face tattoo proves that a good design doesn’t need to take up a large space.

15. Infinity feather tattoo on the chest – Feathers symbolize freedom and bravery. This feather infinity tattoo perfectly represents the wearer’s free-spirited personality.

16. Bold purple flower chest tattoo – While a large flower tattoo may not be the most common choice, this particular design serves a special purpose.

17. Abstract flowers sternum to chest tattoo – This provides tattoo artists with more creative freedom and can also draw attention to other areas of the body.

18. Stunning butterfly jewelry tattoo – Butterfly tattoos are a common symbol representing transformation and change.

19. Black and white butterfly chest tattoo – The butterfly’s wings are split into black and white, reflecting the yin and yang concept.


20. Elaborate spike chest tattoo – It’s commonly observed that most chest tattoos for women are soft and subtle.

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