Today we are aware you from the Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork. All the vibrant, moving and dramatic paintings from the past belong to him. That is the reason why we are going to feature some of the amazing tattoos inspired from his paintings in our today’s article.

Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch artist born in 1853, created a huge collection of masterpieces that continue to influence the world till today. Throughout his life battling mental illness, he produced a long list of artworks that lay the foundation of modern art.

The Dutch painter is known for his bold colors, strokes, and lines. He’s also considered one of the most influential Post-impressionist artists. The Starry Night, Sunflowers, his self-portraits, and his other paintings are not only a demonstration of creativity and techniques.

The making of a self-portrait

This tattoo might not be how Vincent Van Gogh drew himself. But with the signature Van Gogh elements in the background, it’s not hard to tell.

Van Gogh portrait and Almond Blossom

Almond Blossom, one of Van Gogh’s most famous artworks, onto the painter’s jacket.

Black and white Starry Night tattoo

 Van Gogh’s tattoos, the Starry Night makes these common shapes unique. It’s more than a painting but a timeless style. And that shows the painter’s tremendous contribution to the world.

Vincent Van Gogh bookmark tattoo

Café Terrace at Night and The Starry Night are both among the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Putting those two together indicates the wearer’s passion for art.

Van Gogh half-portrait

This small rectangle tattoo features the portrait he created after cutting his ear off. But the tattoo deliberately leaves the bandage out of the frame.

Painting a starry night

The tattoo artist takes a creative approach to put the sculpture and the Van Gogh artwork together. For example, on the sculpture, there is a quote from Alice in Wonderland – “we’re all mad here.”

Wheat Field with Cypresses

Wheat Field with Cypresses is one of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field series artworks, a dozen of paintings about farms and nature. It was inspired by the view from the asylum’s window where the painter stayed.

The Starry Night rose

Rose in flower tattoo represents passion and love. That’s something Vincent Van Gogh had presented to the world, his unique legacy.

Starry Night brush tattoo on the wrist

Vincent Van Gogh is known for bold stroke brushes of colors. By creating a stroke brush background, this wrist tattoo inherits his style and makes it permanent on the skin.

Make them red

Which version do you prefer? The golden, original sunflowers or the bloody red ones by Alice? This red rose tattoos is best tattoo for romantic people.


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